The word ‘Iron Knight’ ought to have got you excited. But believe me folks, the emotion named excitement isn’t even an understatement in this case. And now, the most important part, the carnivore responsible for this mayhem.

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There are instances when you can be speechless and trust me guys, this is one of those moments. I mean it’s a Volvo for crying out loud. What transpires Volvo to build something like this? Read on as we unfold the reasons and oh boy, we do have something extremely special.

So what is this thing?? The question would be. I am salivating at the prospect of telling you the answer. It’s a brute that punches out 2400 BHP (yes, you read that right and no typo here) and 6000 Nm of torque. Jaws to the floor? I am sure fellow automobile nuts would share the same expression.

According to a top official from Volvo, they built the Iron Knight to showcase their innovative side and technical competence as well as gather new insights into technical and design solutions. Granted Volvo. But hold on. That’s it. NO. The raison d’être behind this truck is to set the world speed record for a truck. Lunacy grips Volvo again!

I mean twice the horsepower that a Bugatti Veyron generates and roughly six times the torque of the Hennessey Venom GT. You can generate earthquakes with power like that! Volvo wants to break the 1000 metre record at 158 km/hr with the Iron Knight. The previous record was set by 1600 HP Wild Viking truck made by Volvo itself.

The stats keep on getting better. This knight has been bolted with mid-mounted, modified D13 unit with a water-cooled intercooler and quad turbochargers. They had to reinforce the clutch in their I-shift dual-clutch transmission to handle the gargantuan torque.

One of the test engineers revealed that the transmission maintains torque on the drive wheel during gear changes just like a race car enabling the Volvo Iron Knight to accelerate without losing precious time during gear changes. The cab is made of fibreglass and designed to cut air resistance to a bare minimum.

Moving on, the Volvo Iron Knight gets side skirts that render it an impressive stance and functional large air ducts to direct the engine cooling air. The Iron Knight will take a shot at the world speed record on 24th August 2016 in two categories namely 500 m and 1000 m from standstill. If you happen to feel tremors, you now know who’s responsible.

Volvo Iron Knight

– Volvo develops Iron Knight to showcase their technical competence and innovative side
– Iron Knight pumps out 2400 BHP and 6000 Nm of torque
– Iron Knight intends to break world speed record set by a truck in 500 m and 1000 m categories respectively
– The current record is held by Volvo as well with a 1600 HP Wild Viking truck

Being outnumbered in stats is not something a Veyron would experience, but the Iron Knight does just that
Volvo Iron Knight
Rear tail light area looks stunning for a truck while typical Volvoness hides the volcanic power