The CR-V impressed us with its spacious cabin and frugal diesel engine

Our last 5 days were truly action-packed and what truly shined through these days were the Civic and the CR-V. The new CR-V is a very practical machine. It encompassed us in comfort while we traversed some really rough roads. The cabin had more than enough space for our luggage and the hero was the i-DTEC, which had more than sufficient power on tap and delivered some amazing fuel efficiency figures as we seldom stopped for fuel. The absence of a gear lever does make the interior look less cluttered and the button shifters add to the modern touch.

Civic’s fantastic ride and handling dynamics made the ride even more fun

The Civic caught the attention of many locals. Wherever we stopped, we were asked about the car and people did give it more than one glance. We loved the Civic for its ride and handling characteristics. It was stable at high speeds on the highway and was fun to drive around the twisties. The ride was pliant on rough roads and the i-DTEC had a good punch, especially on the lower end of the rev band. The NVH levels are the least for any of the Honda diesel cars we have driven. Both the Civic & CR-V proved their mettle in some tricky conditions over the last 5 days. Drive to Discover 9 had come to an end but these memories will remain etched in our minds forever.

One should definitely visit the North-East to enrich the beauty of nature

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