Text & Images – Ben Raja

Honda Navi Long Term Ownership
Ben Raja has completed 10,000 kms on his Navi in 202 days

Honda Navi Ownership Report

The Honda Navi has been a reliable companion for Ben Raja

It has been a little more than seven months since I bought my companion and in all these days, I had only great smiles riding it. Every ride, be it city or highway, was adventurous and fun-filled. Above all, my Navi took me to places with pampering comfort. My colleague who is also an auto enthusiast used to say, ‘Between the Lamborghini Huracan and the Pagani Zonda, it is the Zonda which is driven excessively by its owner.’ A vehicle may not perform or be in line with its class but if it is able to deliver something extraordinary, there is no stopping it from grabbing the heart of its owner. This is what my Navi did to me. To start with, this is the only bike which I had ridden extensively, so extensively within a short span of time.

Honda Navi Ownership Report
The Navi is definitely a unique 2-wheeler on our roads

I will first discuss the positives followed by the negatives. But don’t get a wrong perception that the bike has negatives without reading them completely. Navi is one of the best looking bikes in the country as of now. Almost everyone who sees it on the road gets excited. After all, I am tired of clearing strangers’ doubts at the signals. Nowadays, I close my helmet visor whenever I stop at signals. If strangers try to ask about the bike, I will pretend as if I didn’t listen. Whenever my friends or colleagues see those dramas on the road, they say, ‘Ben has a lot of fans!’ The funny part is if my Navi catches the attention of a commuter on the road and if that person tries to stalk me, I will rev the little boy and within seconds disappear from his eyes. The bike is that quick on its feet. Finally, the most interesting aspect is that my Navi has indeed caught the eyes of all of my women colleagues. Almost all have ridden it and instantly liked its peppy nature. One girl, after riding my Navi, was talking about it all day long.