Honda Navi Storage Space
There is a small storage space in the Navi

Following the aesthetics is the performance and NVH department. It may surprise a few of you reading this but it’s 100% true. Navi is lighter than the Activa and much more lighter without the accessories. Couple this with the raised bike-like forks and little longer wheelbase, it shoots like a pocket rocket off the line. In fact, it’s quicker than the Activa itself. Beating the geared 100-110cc commuter bikes and scooters in acceleration is like a walk in the park for the bike. Navi’s engine and gearbox is one of the best engineered in the country with utmost precision. I cannot find out even one flaw in their form and function. The gearbox is by far the highlight of the package. That free-revving Honda engine can get no better CVT gearbox than what has been provided. If I give 10/10 for the engine, I will give 11/10 for the gearbox for the extra smoothness. The engine redlines comfortably and there is no vibration whatsoever at any part of the power band.

Honda Navi Comfort
The Navi has been returning 52-54 km/l with light aggressive riding

The Navi has been delivering very good fuel efficiency and low running costs

Coming to the fuel efficiency and the practicality department, owners play a major role in giving room for their bikes to perform the best. This is quite applicable with me. Right from the beginning, I carefully followed the break-in. Not even once did I rev beyond 40 km/hr in the first 1100 kms. Because of my care, my Navi rewarded me with awesome fuel efficiency. It cracked the 60 km/l mark even before 500 kms. Surprised! There is more in store. Even after revving the nut and bolt of the bike, mileage hasn’t dropped below 45 km/l. Still want more! In all these 10,000 odd kms, my Navi cleanly returned between 54-56 kml with 25% aggressive riding and 75% sedate riding.

Honda Navi Maintenance Costs
The Navi has very good NVH levels

Adding to this, it literally crawls like a diesel car in heavily congested roads with absolute comfort while geared bikes burn their clutch. In fact, the gearing is spot on that my Navi is at home even at 10 km/hr, no vibrations or stress can be felt on the engine. The bike’s wheelbase may be longer, but the small 12-inch front wheel helps it turn like a bicycle. A tiny gap is what the Navi needs in heavy traffic to progress forward. Honda has indeed loaded the bike with excellent utility space. Though I am yet to make use of the under-tank storage, the under seat storage is of great use. It can store even a lunch box and can be safely locked. The two lockable helmet hooks are a great boon as well. There is also some space available between the tank lock and tank cap (usually found in Hero and Honda bikes). It can be used to store tiny stuffs like mobile, cash, etc., and can be locked. Finally, I fixed a tank cover with three different pockets which further increased the utility of the bike.