The Nissan Juke was an early adopter of this trend

The Nissan Juke was one of the first to come up with this idea internationally in 2010. While it was not the best-done job, it certainly was a new idea that was ahead of its time. Fast forward nearly a decade, and we have several manufacturers picking up on this design now. I don’t think sedans will be a part of this trend, as they are pretty low to the ground anyway.

This trend does not seem to have a concerning shortcoming when compared to the other way of mounting headlamps. One issue I can see is the damage protection. The bumpers are plastic for a reason. They are the first thing a car comes in contact with or ‘bumps’ with. I’m not just talking about crashes here. The front bumper of a car can easily hit several things because it’s so low. And the headlights being a part of this bumper increase their chance of being destroyed comparatively. And nowadays, the latest headlamps are getting increasingly expensive to replace.

But that’s not a glaring issue that’s going to stop this trend from blossoming. It would be exciting to see how other manufacturers go about their headlamp placements on their SUVs.