Tata Harrier

Tata Harrier Front
The headlamps, fog lamps are bunched close together in the blackened, hexagon-shaped surround

The Tata Harrier gets Xenon projectors with halogen fog lights for those mismatched white colour temperatures. The DRL/indicator housing that is sitting where the headlamps would normally be. The fog lamps and the headlamps are closer together comparatively, and that makes the black housing look big. Another thing to note are the hexagons. The headlamp surrounds are hexagons, the mirrors are hexagons and some interior bits of the car are also hexagons.

While the DRLs may look small when compared to the headlamp housing, that effect is mainly observed only in pictures, at least for me. In person, the DRLs are situated a bit backward and the entire frontal design adds up to provide a unique menacing look overall.